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Possums are a continuous problem for many homeowners in Glen Waverley. They easily get an advantage in the residential populations. Pest Control Glen Waverley has enough greenery for becoming the prime possum territory. If you are encountering possum problems again and again, then call us now. We will offer you the best possum removal service in the Glen Waverley area. We do not have any hidden possum removal cost for our services. Also, you can rely on our team for Possum Removal Glen Waverley to give you possum proofing services.

So you can call our team now to know about the detailed procedure of our possum removal services. Our staff at Pest Control Glen Waverley will be happy to answer your queries.

We Are Local And Affordable Possum Check Experts in Glen Waverley

The damage done by possums can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. They can put your family in property damage and other such problems. Many homeowners get affected by such problems, so they all seek professional possum removal for effective and affordable possum removal. Our experts will precisely check all the problems and will provide you with the best quality service. Our team for Possum Removal Glen Waverley has many years of experience in possum control. Our technicians are licensed to have your possum problem solved completely in no time in Glen Waverley.

Why is there a requirement for skilful possum control services?

Possums are very disturbing. They are not dangerous for humans like other animals, but they can be problematic if they come inside your residence. Given are the four reasons describing why possums control is essential:

1.   They can bother your pets

Possums do not upset humans, but your pets can be bothered by them. They will fight with your pets and can hurt them. Possums can also transfer disease to your pets. They steal pets’ food, but your pet will never be willing to share their food. If your pets are outside then possums will come back again.

2.  They can mess your garbage

Possums are very good at making a mess of your garbage. The raccoons or dogs are the first to do so, but the possum will take the food for himself. Possums can make the mess of your garbage worse.

3.   They can make your home risky

When possum enters your home, you will find the large droppings and the sharp smell they release from their anal glands. The main threat from possums is that they carry parasites in their body and such other diseases. Possums are not the cleanest creatures on this earth. If they live in the attic or somewhere else in your home, then there can be serious damage.

4. They can destroy your garden

Possums are very crazy about food. They will fix themselves at the places where they can easily get some food. Your garden is one such area. In addition, they will eat your plants and vegetables. Possums will also run through your yard, ruining your beautiful garden.

Given are the Services that we provide for Possum Removal In Glen Waverley:

✔ Residential Possum Removal

We perfectly balance the residential Possum Control services. Our team gives numerous kinds of beneficial services for ever-rising residential populations too. Contact us to get rid of possums from your residential place.

 ✔ Commercial Possum Removal 

Call us now for a free quote about the commercial possum control services. We remove the possums by covering all the commercial areas. You can trust our services for safety purposes too in commercial possum control.

✔ Pre-purchase Possum inspection

We use the best products with competitive rates to make sure that everyone can afford our pre-purchase possum inspection services. Our pre-purchase possum inspection services are guaranteed and safe.

✔ Emergency Possum Removal service 

We use the best and most effective methods in our emergency possum control treatments. Our technicians are licensed and are knowledgeable in the emergency use of possum removal traps and nets.

✔ Same day Possum Removal

We provide same-day Possum Removal service by our trained possum catchers. They will listen to your problem and will understand your concerns. We provide the best practices in the same day possum removal process.

✔ End Of lease Possum Removal

The experts hired by us are fully trained and well knowledgeable for the end of lease possum removal. You can book us anytime for end of lease possum removal. We will make sure that the place you are leaving at the end of the lease is safe for the new tenant.

Given are some serious signs of possum infestation that should not be ignored:

1.     Possum droppings

The droppings of the possums are called pellets. Possums leave droppings near logs and trunks. You can also look for the stacks on the roof or in the attic.

2.     Footprints and tracks

You will only notice the imprint of the front paws of the possums. Possums spend their sleeping time above the ground in the holes in trees. You can check for the fur, footprints, droppings or sharp smell often.

3.     Damage to plants and trees

If there is any type of damage to plants and trees in your garden area then this is a sign of possum infestation. The broken branches, bare branches with some leaves left on them and such are signs are the indications of the presence of the possums.

Dead possum removal service: We are Experts In Glen Waverley

We offer dead possum removal services at affordable prices. Removing the deceased pests is not an easy task to perform. Dead possums smell bad and can give instant health problems to you and your family. Their immediate removal is important, and our team will do that effectively. Hire us now for excellent dead possum removal services.

Why hire us for all kinds of services related to possums and their removal In Glen Waverley?

We offer complete possum removal services to Glen Waverley and nearby regions. We have listed some more positive qualities of our possum removal services:

Fully licensed

We are authorised in possum removal services. Our licensed techniques will keep possums out of your spaces. 

Immediate response

Our team for Possum Removal Glen Waverley offers instant response to every query of possum removal. We also have after-hours service plans for our customers.


Our team for Possum Removal Glen Waverley is favoured by many of our clients. Our services are popular because we respond most effectively.

Affordable rates

We remove possums from the roofs of your commercial and residential areas at a nominal price range. We have different plans for controlling the possums.


Q.How can you spot the difference between possums and rats?

Possums are active at night mostly. They will even make loud noises, screeching. Rats are very common in rushing about. You can also listen to some gnawing noises on the wooden surfaces and other such materials. It is not easy to check the difference between the two without the help of professional inspection.

Q. Can possums damage the roof or the ceilings of my home?

Yes, possums and rats can destroy the roof by eating the electrical wiring. If they are living on the insulation in the roof of your home the regular urine can damage the roof. The urine of the rats and possums can also destroy your ceiling.

Q. Why is it illegal to kill possums in Glen Waverley and other parts of Australia?

In Australia, it is illegal to kill possums in many states. Why is that? Is it because they are cute and cuddly creatures? This may be true for some people, but it’s not the reason they aren’t allowed to be killed in the state of Victoria. The fact of the matter is that they are protected species under the wildlife protection act 1972.