How to Spot Termites in Your Home

Termite is a small insect that grows on wood but it is a very serious problem if it creates an infestation in the house. They breed themselves and create a million colonies in just a few days. If your house has a wooden structure or you have so many wooden furniture in the house then there is a high possibility that your house gets attacked by termites. To get rid of pest infestation, first, you need to identify that there is a termite attack in your house. If you are not aware of how termites look like and how you can find out that there is a termite attack in your house then we are providing you with some points that will help you to find them.

Signs Of Termites In Your Home

  • Noise in the wall

As termites live inside the wood. During the night time, when there is a pin drop silence in the room. You can hear the termites work inside the wood. Some termites bang their head and body against the wood to warn the danger to the rest of the termite family. Moreover, some termites are also noisy while they bite the wood. If you find such noise at night then you need to to call for termite control services.

  • Difficult to open door and wood

The humidity present in the door and window give growth to the termites. Termites create tunnels in the door and window. They destroy the door and window’s frame and make them difficult to open.

  • Flying insects everywhere

If you notice there are many flying insects in the house then it’s a sign that termites are present in your house. Termites take flight to locate a mate with whom to mate, discard their wings once they have achieved their objectives. That is why it is a major sign for the termite presence.

  • Hollow wood

If you see a plague of wood or wood powder around the woody things, then you should know that there are termites in this wooden object. You need to use pesticide over it to control the termite attack. Termites eat the wood and cause powder while eating. 

  • White Ant Everywhere

Many people misunderstood between the white ant and termites. Because both look similar in shape and size. But note, termites are little light in colour as compared to the white ants. As compared to termite’s antennas are straight rather than bent. You need to see their antennas to find out that it is white and termites. If there is a curved antenna then you need to call for termite pest control.

 Book A Termite Pest Control Services

When you get sure that there is a termite in your house then immediately call for termite pest control services. It is a serious problem for human skin and pests. For immediate action contact us because we have experienced a team in terms of insect pests. Our agency is full of technicians and has been working for a long time. After your call, we will visit your house and will inspect the termite attack and later go for the solutions. Moreover, our experienced team uses eco-friendly solutions to get rid of termites from your house. Remember you can call us on 03 4050 7737 anytime on day or night and weekends or public holidays also for Pest Control Glen Waverley services.